300 Series

  • To suit engines from 1300kW to 4000kW.
  • Vessels from 30m up to 60m. 
  • Two model sizes
  • Stainless Steel Jets.
  • Complete range of electronic controls with joystick docking

The DOEN 300 Series range of models can be matched to engines from 1000kW to 4000kW. These high performance units are specially designed and built for continuous commercial use and to meet the exacting standards of marine classification societies. They can be installed as single or as multiple jets in fiberglass, aluminium or steel hulls. They can also be supplied as booster jets.


The prefabricated duct is manufactured from Aluminium or Steel plate material resulting in an extremely strong and lightweight structure. The duct is supplied ready to weld or bolt in (Fibreglass vessels). Custom designs are possible to optimise vessel performance and to improve installation and machinery interfacing.


The 300 Series waterjet is manufactured using only corrosion resistant materials. The impeller, impeller casing and discharge nozzle are manufactured from stainless steel to provide maximum service life in the most arduous operating environment with extreme resistance to erosion, corrosion and cavitation. The balance of the waterjet is manufactured from marine grade aluminium. This combination of materials provides a new and unique alternative to operators at a very competitive price.


A CAN BUS based electronic control system provides a fully integrated multi-station waterjet, engine and marine gear control. The system also provides alarm, monitoring, back up and emergency control function.


eDOCK multi function electronic joystick for single lever vector control and close quarter docking is available.


For more information on the 300 Series, download the brochure here.