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Engineering and Repair

We have a fully equipped machine shop, including centre lathes, CNC lathe, milling machines.  We also have a digital propeller measuring machine to enable accurate propeller repair and checking.


Yanmar promise to deliver advanced solutions through business models based on the core values of "reliability", "efficiency" and "innovation", in order to grow continuously with their customers.

Mase Generators

Spectrum Engineering serves you with Mase Generators. Designed and made in Italy, quality is manufactured into these generator sets.

JCB Power Systems

JCB have taken the best from the best, combined with the latest technological advances, to create the perfect engine.

Unitech Dreadnought Anchors

Spectrum Engineering manufactures and distributes dreadnought anchors of outstanding quality

PSS Shaft Seals

The PSS Shaft seal eliminates the maintenance, constant adjustment & cost associated with traditional packing type glands.

Maddox Anodes

The Maddox anode is a sacrificial anode for timber and fibreglass vessels.

Unitech Zinc Anodes

Unitech Anodes provide great protection and great prices. With a large range of Anodes, come in and get yours today


This new design of cutter is streamlined, robust and effective. No bearings, no shock loads, no vibration or noise, no effect on performance.

Gori Propellers

Folding propellers of very high quality - thoroughly tested by thousands of sailors all over the world

Mikado Propellers

Spectrum Engineering stock a large range of Mikado propellers ready for machining to fit your application.

Spectrum Engineering continues to offer great service and fast turnaround times for all your new propeller needs. 

Seahawk Propellers

Seahawk  offer excellent propulsion, control and low-drag. Many experienced sailors say they consider the Autostream propeller to be the best propeller of its type

Johnson Cutless

The Cutless brand is the most recognized water lubricated marine bearing around the world. Our Johnson Cutless bearing was the first and continues to be the only bearing to meet all MIL-DTL-17901C Class II requirements.


Isoflex is a leading producer of engine mounts and gearbox couplings that provide superior vibration control and maximum load-carrying stability. Isoflex’s polymer-engineered mounts and couplings service marine and industrial applications.

Sea Strainers

World leader in cast stainless steel sea water strainers with a Unique design