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Engineering and Repair

Spectrum Engineering have a fully-equipped machine shop, including centre & CNC lathes, milling and slotting machines.  We are able to digitally check propeller measurements and test engines & gearboxes.

Yanmar Marine Engines

Yanmar promise to deliver advanced solutions through business models based on the core values of reliability, efficiency and innovation, in order to grow continuously with their customers.

Mase Generators

Mase Generators are designed and manufactured in Italy. Open & closed-frame generator sets are available.

Torqeedo Electric Outboards

All Torqeedo outboards deliver the best overall efficiency in their class, converting battery power into propulsion better than any  other drive system. Torqeedo gives longer, more powerful performance.

John Deere Marine Engines

John Deere engines are powerful, reliable, fuel-efficient and quiet. Their range offers engines from 80 - 750 hp. High torque and low rated RPM provides outstanding control.


Over 70% of Vetus' range are partly or completely manufactured in-house by Vetus engineers. Vetus products are known for quality, easy installation and their 3-year warranty. 

Twin Disc Transmissions

Twin Disc is the originator of power transmission technology and have a track record of excellence. Spectrum Engineering are authorized dealers, service & parts agents for Twin Disc transmissions. 

Doen Water Jets

Doen is a leading designer and manufacturer of waterjet propulsion systems. Their designs combine efficiency and superior cavitation margins under high-load conditions. 


ZF Transmissions

ZF's aim is to meet customers needs by using leading-edge technology and ensuring quality and service. Spectrum Engineering are authorized dealers, service & parts agents for ZF transmissions. 

Austral Propellers

Austral manufactures propellers for all types of inboard installations ranging from high performance ski boats to sailing and leisure vessels, cruisers, motor yachts and work boats. 

Mitsubishi Marine Engines

Mitsubishi have been producing reliable low-emission engines for over 70 years.

Spectrum Engineering are authorized dealers, service & parts agents for Mitsubishi engines. 

Filters & Oil

Spectrum Engineering stock a range of common Fleetguard and Baldwin oil and fuel filters, Racor Parker fuel filters, Mann Hummel elements and quality engine & gearbox oils to suit many models. 

Normach Heat Exchangers

Spectrum Engineering acquired the Normach heat exchanger business when Normach closed. We are able to supply new exchangers and parts for Normach marinized Yanmar engines. 

Johnson Cutless Bearings

The Cutless brand is the most recognized water lubricated marine bearing in world. The Johnson Cutless bearing meets all MIL-DTL-17901C Class II requirements.

Spectrum Anchor Winches

Spectrum Engineering custom design and manufacture quality stainless steel anchor winches which can be fitted to or adapted to any existing system, for both recreational and commercial applications. 

Isoflex Mounts & Couplings

Isoflex is a leading producer of engine mounts and gearbox couplings which provide superior vibration control and maximum load-carrying stability. 

Spectrum Rope & Line Haulers

Spectrum Engineering custom design and manufacture quality rope and line haulers to suit all recreational and commercial applications.

Arctic Steel Sea Strainers

Arctic Steel are world-leaders in cast stainless steel raw water strainers. Arctic Steel's range includes strainers of all sizes and configurations to plumb seamlessly into your system. 

JCB Power Systems

JCB have taken the best from the best, combined with the latest technological advances, to create the perfect engine.

Unitech Dreadnought Anchors

Spectrum Engineering manufactures and distributes Dreadnought Anchors of outstanding quality.

PSS Shaft Seals

The PSS Shaft seal eliminates the maintenance, constant adjustment & cost associated with traditional packing type glands.

Maddox Anodes

The Maddox anode is a sacrificial anode for timber and fibreglass vessels, which works to effectively to protect bronze and stainless steel parts by creating a more neutral environment in the water. 

Unitech Zinc Anodes

Unitech Anodes provide great protection and great prices. We stock anodes for every application. 

QuicKutter Ropecutters

This new design of cutter is streamlined, robust and effective. No bearings, no shock loads, no vibration or noise, and no effect on performance.

Gori Propellers

Gori manufacture a range of high quality 2 or 3-blade folding propellers, which have been thoroughly tested by thousands of sailors across the world.

Mikado Propellers

Spectrum Engineering are the Australian dealers for Mikado propellers. Mikado supplies the marine industry with custom-designed propellers to suit specific vessel specifications.


Seahawk Propellers

Seahawk propellers offer excellent propulsion, control and low-drag. Many experienced sailors say they consider the Autostream propeller to be the best propeller of its type.

Maestrini Bronze

The Maestrini product range is specifically designed to provide customer satisfaction. Innovation and quality are key attributes of this brand and their products.

Groco Bronze

Groco has been manufacturing marine products for over 100 years, based on design principles of innovation & structural-soundness. 

Polyflex Mounts & Couplings

Polyflex's goal is to eliminate driveline and engine vibration. They have developed a range of high quality engine mounts, and flexible and rigid shaft couplings. 

Spectrum Exhaust Blankets

Spectrum Engineering manufacture removable exhaust blankets to specific measurements, to suit pipe sections, bellows, flanges and mufflers. All materials are quality and certified. 

Flexofold Sailboat Propellers

Flexofold designs and manufactures the market's most efficient folding propellers for sailboats and multi-hull yachts. Since 2017, Flexofold has been owned by Yanmar Marine. 

Nakashima Propellers

Spectrum Engineering are the Australian dealers for Nakashima propellers. Nakashima offer fixed and controllable-pitch propellers, with up to 6-blades, with skew and rake to suit the specific vessel.

This is just a selection of what we offer!

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