Isoflex marine mounts and gearbox couplings are designed for maximum vibration isolation for a quieter, smoother boating experience. They are constructed primarily of a high performance stable, engineering grade co-polymer, which is highly resistant to oil, fuel and water. This offers a distinct advantage over traditional rubber components, which can degrade more quickly, thus requiring frequent replacement. Isoflex mounts are fitted with a 360-degree thrust block, stabilizing engine movement in all directions and improving the mount’s ability to safely handle multi-directional loads found in seaways. Isoflex couplings are designed to cover a large percentage of Twin Disc and ZF gearboxes, and many other boxes found on the market.  Isoflex GEARGUARD couplings provide a “circuit breaker” to protect gearboxes, assist in maintaining alignment and isolate and minimize drive line vibration, propeller pulse and gear chatter.

Isoflex Engine Mounts

Isoflex Gearbox Couplings