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Arctic Steel are world leaders in cast stainless steel sea water strainer manufacturing. These strainers are safe, quick and easy to maintain, and are supported by a large range of auxiliary equipment, including mounting brackets, hose tails, elbows, reduction bushes, ball valves, skin fittings, and external inlet scoop strainers. 

 Arctic Steel Sea Strainers are:

  • Manufactured from the highest quality 316 stainless steel subject to strict quality control, with the foundry meeting AISI specifications and ISO approvals

  • Corrosion resistant - all strainers undergo an electro-polish process, which provides a chromium rich oxide film which also gives them a unique shine

  • Not welded – they are a one piece investment

  • 5 point secure, with cast-in mounting bracket and sealed with a silicone sealing gasket

  • Fitted with 10mm swing down eye bolts to eliminate the risk of losing nuts in the bilge

  • Fitted with a rugged ABS basket which provides high strength against impact

  • Designed to accommodate a stainless steel basket if required

  • Designed with a clear poly-carbonate lid option

  • Designed with cast anode mounts to reduce the effects of electrolysis

  • Developed to suit 1″ to 6″ BSP or NPT systems.

  • Designed for superior flow and straining performance

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